About Dibond® Metal Prints

Dibond® is a sturdy aluminum composite sheet with a plastic core. Western Mining History offers two different print styles on 1/8" (3 mm) thick aluminum Dibond® panels - fine art archival linen paper mounted on the panel, and limited edition images printed directly on the panel with a brushed metallic effect.

These Dibond® prints are the preferred style here at Western Mining History, as they create items that are more than just prints, they are collectibles that can be shared, handled to get a closer look at the amazing details contained in historic mining images, and displayed with modern techniques that look great (see mounting tips below).


Dibond® Mounted Archival Linen Prints

This option gives the amazing color and texture provided by high quality fine art paper, but on a rigid Dibond® board, allowing for interesting display options compared to more traditional prints.


Brushed Metal Dibond® Prints

Our limited edition brushed metal Dibond® prints are black and white images printed directly to brushed metal panels. White’s and transparent and lighter tones are partially transparent allowing the original brush metallic surface to come through providing a more metallic look.


Metallic Dibond® prints are difficult to capture in photographs - this style presents a "ghostly" effect that is visually amazing for old black and white prints. These prints look different with varying light sources and from different angles.

Hanging Dibond® Prints

Dibond® prints shipped from Western Mining History are panels only, if you would like to hang them on a wall, you will need to purchase the desired mounting accessories separately. There are many different accessories for mounting metal prints, some items you may want to search for are "standoff posts", "standoff screws", or "ChromaLuxe aluminum hanger". 3M makes a product called "Command Strips" that are made for hanging pictures and come in many different styles (check Amazon for Command Strips).

Here at Western Mining History we have been testing display options on steel sheets (or "magnet boards") with magnets that are glued on to the back of the panels. This option allows for easy removal and repositioning of the panels, allowing for quick updates to your display, or easy access to your prints to get a closer look.

The image below demonstrates Dibond® mounted paper prints and brushed metal prints (left and top).

Tips for Hanging Panels with Magnets

The following tips will help you mount your Dibond® prints to magnet boards or other metal surfaces.

These are just tips, not official recommendations, ultimately you will be responsible for your mounting solution.

1. Do not use magnetic tape. While some varieties of magnetic tape are strong enough for this application, the adhesive used to attach the tape to the panel is not strong enough for long term use.

2. Do not use super strong "rare earth" or "neodymium" magnets, they are too strong for this application.

3. WMH recommends using ceramic disc magnets with dimensions of 1 inch x 0.15 inch (30mmx4m), or something similar. These are readily available on Amazon and are inexpensve.

4. You will need 3 or 4 magnets - while two is strong enough to attach the panel to a metal surface, depending on the slickness of the surface more than two may be required to prevent the panel from sliding down the surface over time. If you are having a problem with the panel sliding down the surface, adding one ore more magnets will likely resolve the problem.

Note: for the large 12x18 prints you may need to use additional magnets.

5. WMH recommends Gorilla Glue to glue the magnets to the panel. If you use Gorilla Glue, be sure to follow the instructions. We have also used Elmer's extra-strong school glue with good results.

6. If you need a metal surface to display your panels, search for "magnet boards" on Etsy, there are numerous attractive options there.

More photos and mounting tips will be added here soon.